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A Celebration of Culture: Blackbaud Observes National Hispanic Heritage Month

Today marks the start of National Hispanic Heritage Month and at Blackbaud, we want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and honor the generations of Hispanic/Latinx Americans who have made a positive impact on the history and culture of the United States. We are excited to partner with our global employees of Spanish and Latin American descent to learn more about Hispanic/Latinx history and culture.

As a part of our celebration, we hope you’ll take time to read the sentiments of our employees who have roots from different parts of Latin American countries like Costa Rica, Spain, Panama and Mexico, as they share what National Hispanic Heritage Month means to them.


Melissa Britton, Manager, Philanthropy & Volunteer Engagement | Charleston, South Carolina

“It means recognizing and celebrating the beauty of Latinx influence in my own life and its influence on our nation.”



Edward Garaña, Senior User Experience Design Manager | Austin, Texas

“It’s about taking time to remember my family roots, those that came before me and celebrate the diversity of Hispanic culture and traditions with my family.”



Johnathan Mesta, Senior Technical Recruiter | Austin, Texas

“To me it celebrates freedom, history, and Latin American heritage and recognizes the contributions made by our family, friends, and colleagues to help shape modern culture today.”



Denise Peña, Principal Technical Writer | Austin, Texas

“As someone raised in a border city, I grew up regularly celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s an opportunity to revisit our rich culture, be proud of our roots, and celebrate contributions from Hispanic Americans.”



Ester Spencer, Customer Support, Associate Specialist | San José, Costa Rica

“This month is about highlighting and celebrating our Hispanic Heritage. Our community is brought together by a common language, yet our diversity makes us a truly beautiful and unique group.”



Oscar Moreno Robles, Senior HR Specialist | San José, Costa Rica

“This is a special occasion to be proud of being Hispanic. To celebrate our culture, traditions, heritage and the values that define us.

This is the opportunity to acknowledge the contributions that Hispanic culture offers to our communities.”